Thursday, July 20, 2006

Saturday July, 22 All Girls Alleycat.

Charlie Flynn is hosting the
Dirty and Pink "Molly Ringwald Classic" this Saturday.
Meet in Ann Morrison Park at 3PM, ladies only.
Post race festivities (boys allowed) include plenty of beer and a group ride to downtown to check out the Women's Pro category of the Twilight Criterium.
See you there!

Belated Bars & Stripes Blurb

Unlike our deliveries, this blog isn't always on time.
The Bars & Stripes alleycat race went off successfully way back on July 7th and we're just now finding the time to write about it.
The turnout was huge for this one and almost every one of the 45 entrants completed the entire 10-stop course .
Local ripper Cody Caldera had his race face on once again and narrowly edged out his cohort Jason Bauer for the victory. Charlie Flynn rolled up into an easy third place to ensure an all-fixed-gear top 3 finish.
Not to be intimidated by the men, our 5th place overall and first place finisher for the women was a young lady whose name we can't seem to track down. She's quite tan and has great legs but her name escapes us, anyone privy to this info please post a comment to this page.
We apologize for that but are also pleased to announce that the new race format will include a Women's top 3 distinction as well.

As for the tee-shirts, I believe they will be at the Boise Weekly office by week's end, you can also pick up you personal Polaroid from Sally's stop in the race.

Northstar would like to thank all those that raced/drank and the Boise Weekly and Pabst Blue Ribbon for their generous support of our first annual Independence Day alleycat.
We also need to extend our gratitude to the following bars for their cooperation:
Trolley Bar, Nuerolux, Piper Pub, Lucky 13 Garage, The Plank, O'Michael's,
Casanova's Pizza, Dutch Goose, Bar Gernika and of course Donnie Mac's.

We hope everyone had as much fun as we did and we look forward to seeing you all in October for Hellracer 2.

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