Thursday, September 25, 2008

Best of Boise!

For the second time in three years, Northstar received Best Bicycle Courier Service in The Boise Weekly's annual "Best of Boise" issue. Thanks, BW! Thanks, Boise!

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Day Rising

Well, plenty has happened here in Messengerville since we've posted anything about the biz. As you can see from the new logos and website we have undergone an extreme makeover as the good folks at Drake Cooper have been kind enough to take us under their design and marketing wing. We are currently producing some of the fun stuff associated with running a small business: new gear! Look for tee shirts, hats and stickers adorning everyone and everything in the very near future.  
 Our business is growing rapidly and we have found ourselves adapting to the changing needs of the marketplace. We are rolling strong with baskets, racks and trailers in order to accommodate the increased need for "green" cargo deliveries. We continue to expand into the legal sector and our poster distribution service is hopping.  
 As some of you may have noticed, I was gone for two weeks on paternity leave, enjoying time at home with my son Liam. An important delivery to say the least. I want to thank Warren for stepping up and keeping Northstar rolling so smoothly in my absence. Thanks, 88.
On this first day of autumn it's apparent there is change in the air and we here at Northstar are looking forward to it.
Patrick, Messenger #77, 9.22.08

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