Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Drivin & Cryin ( May in Motion sidenote)

At Northstar, I'm not trying to save the world. I do think we can make
positive changes in our immediate surroundings by utilizing bicycles for
transportation and delivery. That said, I still occasionally drive my truck
to the store or when I go snowboarding or if I'm just being super lazy and
it's raining out. I'm not anti-car per say, just pro-bike. So, when May in
Motion rolled around again, I decided to put my bicycle in a stand behind
our booth to draw some attention. With the banners and literature and
bikes and bags and this big ole stand; I opted to ferry everything
downtown with my truck. After plenty of handshaking and networking I
realized we had been milling about for a good two hours without feeding
the meter. I'm so used to free bike parking, it completely slipped my mind
to check the time. Well, sure enough, I found a snickering little ticket
tucked under the wiper blade. Yes, I can taste the irony of driving my truck
(with my bike in the back) to an "alternative transportation" event. And
yes, I have learned my lesson. And yes, I brought payment to the
courthouse on bicycle (saving the cost of a stamp!). And yes, Northstar
will transport all of your small parcels around town so this same fate
doesn't fall upon you too!

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