Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Red Hot Riot Alleycat Sprints

Sunday evening found 50 or so people standing around in a downtown Boise alley.It was easily 90 degrees in the shade "real hot, in the shade". Some had cups of beer, some had bottled water and some had cameras. Most were there to watch people on bikes sprint their little hearts out down the short course. Everyone that raced had a blast and Northstar messengers faired pretty well. Patrick found himself head to head with Chris late in the day and hammered out the win. Congratulations to Warren for beating everyone but Jason to take an impressive second place. And, by the way, nobody beats Jason. Thanks to AJ for the wonderful nite of bicycle fun and we hope to see all of you on Saturday for Bars & Stripes 2!

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WarlocksBC said...

Thanks for the photo credit, guy.
Love, abe

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