Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gang Green

Northstar perused all of the green goodness of the first annual Idaho Green Expo on Saturday.
Towards the entrance the organizers had lined up a camera and attendees had the opportunity to proclaim how they themselves were helping to make Idaho green.We chose to shamelessly plug our business but our statement actually turned out to be "greener" than most. Fortunately, we don't ride bikes resembling the one I drew on the board. The event was really cool, we met plenty of folks that are making some serious efforts towards renewable, sustainable products and services. Check it out here http://www.idahogreenexpo.org/


dirty and pink alley cat said...

aww yeah! good thing you can not tell how sunburnt p77 is!

co-d vp said...

hey patrick you forgot to take off your sunglasses for the picture!

dummy said...

whats wrong with the bum bars?

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